Gel/ Shellac Remover
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Gel nails are increasingly popular because they help the polish to stay on well. Your regular nail polish may look great for a few hours, and even for a day in some cases, but it will eventually begin to chip. That spoils the entire look. It is not easy to remove the gel polish completely. Some people believe that using acetone is the best way to deal with this issue. You can skip this step and take them off at our nail salon. The information about how to take the gel nails off include 3 ways: soaking, filing and peeling them off.

We try to pry or peel the gel polish off and will not cause significant damage to the nails. To take gel polish off, we soak your nails for an adequate amount of time in an acetone-based nail polish remover, then gently remove the polish.

Below are the steps which describe the way to take gel nails off:

Step 1: We prepare acetone nail polish remover, a nail file, cotton balls, a nail buffer and a wood orange stick.

Step 2: Use a nail file to scuff the surface of each nail. This will allow the acetone to penetrate below the finishing coat.

Step 3: Soak a cotton ball in the acetone and place the acetone cotton ball directly on your first nail.

Step 4: Wrap the nails with aluminum foil strips so that the cotton balls stay on the nails. This will also produce extra heat that will help remove the gel polish.

Step 5: Slide the foil off the tip of your finger.

Step 6: Use a wood orange stick to scrape off the gel polish.

Step 7: Wash your hands with soap and water.

Step 8: Take a nail buffer to each of your nails.

Step 9: Wash your hands again to remove any dust from the buffing process.

Step 10: Moisturize your skin well after you remove the gel polish.

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