Color Gel Powder Rebase
45 minutes
While it’s certain that gel powder offer a better alternative to acrylic nails, a refill is still necessary after 3 weeks, because by now your natural nails would out grown the gel layers and would be damaged if let unattended. Overall, this is a good chance for you to change your nails color and also for maintenance for any damage that might had happened.

Similar to its application process, Powder Change or Refill is very pleasant and safer due to the lack of odor comparing to acrylic or have to expose your nails to UV light like traditional gel.

The process of Powder Change or Refill service takes 7 steps:

Step 1: Prep to all fingers, begin with hands sanitization and old polish removal

Step 2: Probase to one finger (do one hand at one time), dip finger into powder

Step 3: Apply activator to the all 5 fingers

Step 4: Wash both hands with only water – NO SOAP!

Step 5: Dry both hands completely with a towel, water will affect adhesion of the finish gel

Step 6: Apply a thin layer, then wait about 30 seconds

Step 7: Your nails should be dry to touch after 1 minute, and then apply cuticle oil to the nail beds

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